OpenEMR Support

JamaicaMD fully supports OpenEMR installations, customization and management. We provide hassle free monthly maintenance solutions that take care of your technical needs, so you can focus more on patient care.

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M. Liskay, MBA
Coastal Network Solutions

“Can’t thank the healthtech team enough! They helped me provide a fully customized OpenEMR solution. I highly recommend their work.”

Dr. Gkampranis
CEO at Onemed

"The meeting with healthtech was an eye opener. I re-installed the program in a very short time and I made a lot of progress customizing it without adding a lot, but working with the existing format."

Dr Ramirez
Dr. Walter Ramirez
Walter Ramirez MD PA

HealthTech was always very professional in their work and very accessible and attentive to our needs.


Our Solutions Include:
  1. OpenEMR Installation and Configuration
  2. OpenEMR Consulting Services
  3. OpenEMR Secure Hosting
  4. Localhost Setup
  5. Worldwide Service Provider
  6. 24/7 Support Available
  7. Custom Medical Forms
  8. Website Development
  9. Remote Training
  10. SSL Implementation
  11. Monthly Maintenance
  12. Data Back-Up Services

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One Size Does Not Fit All - OpenEMR Custom Solutions

One Size Does Not Fit All - OpenEMR Custom Solutions

One Size Does Not Fit All - OpenEMR Custom Solutions


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