OpenEMR Hosting
Reliable, Secure & Scalable - 24/7 Support
OpenEMR Hosting
Reliable, Secure & Scalable - 24/7 Support

We understand the critical nature of online healthcare and emphasize Reliability, Support, Security and Productivity. Considering the dynamic nature of our clients’ needs, we deliver custom hosting solutions that grow with the company.


Custom Solutions
Latest OpenEMR Instance
AWS Deployment
1 Doctor/Provider
Business Hours Support
24/7 Server Support
Dedicated Server Management
1 Named Contact For Support
On-Premise Management
Daily Back-Up (2 week retention)
Cloud Storage
Data Recovery
Data Back-Up Services
Microsoft Exchange Email
starting at:

$45/£45 month - each additional Doctor/Provider


* Monthly pricing plans can vary depending on the amount of data being stored.

* Prices are reflected in USD & GBP for their respective regions. 


  • JamaicaMD EHR
  • OpenEMR Upgrades
  • Localhost Setup
  • Worldwide Service Provider
  • 24/7 Support Available
  • Custom Forms
  • Website Development
  • Remote Training
  • SSL Implementation
  • Monthly Maintenance
  • Data Back-Up Services
  • E-Prescribing
  • Lab Integration
  • Converting PDFs To OpenEMR Encounter Forms
  • Integrating E-Signature
  • Online Self Patient Scheduling
  • Online Self Registration Forms
  • Text Notification

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We provide products and services designed to meet the growing demand of technology in the healthcare industry. With the proper use of technology, we give businesses more efficiency at an affordable cost. --> more about us


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