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Everything your business needs in one easy-to-use flexible, and secure workgroup product.

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Cloud Storage

per month / per user

Military Grade
Meets Regulations
Fast & Compliant
Features Includes:

• Encrypted online storage for Windows PCs or Apple Macs plus compliance focused collaboration for teams
• Option to use advanced data compression for backup snapshots saving an average of 30% on transfer time and storage costs
• Administrative user and group permissions per online disk restricting data access through a central configuration portal
• Meet regulatory security requirements of HIPAA, SOC2, SOC3, and PCI with Military grade AES-256 encryption and audited data centers
• 10GB of FREE storage per client2
• Unlimited FREE data transfer


In the information age, collaboration is key. People within a company need to be able to work together on documents of all kinds – and do it quickly – to meet their goals. That’s why HealthTech Cloud is an invaluable tool for business. Our file sharing and remote access features ensure uninterrupted productivity between employees both inside and outside the office. Our multi-way sync function means that files are constantly updated as work is done on them, keeping teams in sync as projects develop.

Another key problem is backup. Computer failures, missing or stolen laptops, and corrupted files are facts of life and without a failsafe backup, your business is exposed. HealthTech Cloud users enjoy the peace of mind and flexibility that comes from knowing that their data is secure at the offsite location of a trusted provider with multiple redundancy.

HealthTech Cloud gives companies:

• Secure backup for company data located on employee computers and laptops.
• Secure administrator-controlled file sharing for employees inside and outside the office.
• Secure remote access to employee files from home computers


1. HealthTech Cloud is designed for 2-250 employee businesses each customer account is subject to a minimum monthly charge of $15 per month. If the total aggregate fees charged for all Services provided by HealthTech Cloud to a customer account in a particular monthly billing period are less than the minimum monthly charge, then the customer will pay to HealthTech Cloud an additional fee equal to the difference between the total aggregate fees charged and the minimum monthly charge.
2. Additional storage is $0.25/GB.
3. Pricing is shown in USD & GBP for their respective regions.  Countries in Europe are subject to pricing in GBP.



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