Online patient scheduling can yield mixed reviews.  The Doctor can see it as an impersonal approach with Patients, and Front Desk personnel can see it as a threat to their job.  I challenge both of those views by showing you 10 ways automating your scheduling can makes both lives easier at work.

1. Patients have the opportunity to schedule appointments after hours when the office is closed.

2. Alleviate not Eliminate phone calls to your office.

3. Create more time for Front Desk personnel to focus on other duties.  

4. Allow Patients to see your current availability without calling, this works great for Patients with a demanding schedule.

5. Patients can cancel online and receive a confirmation, when an emergency arises and the office is closed.  Having the option to cancel anytime helps to cut down no-shows.

6. Doctors can adjust their availability in real-time with their office when those unexpected incidences occur.

7.  Doctors can coordinate their scheduling with other Doctors in the same facility 24/7.

8.  Patients have a Patient Portal that maintains appointment history and provides basic information. 

9.  Personalized automatic appointment email and text notifications to Patients... seconds after the appointment is booked. 

10.  24/7 global access to your scheduling system from any location on a computer or mobile device connected to the Internet.

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